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Guillermo Retis is an Economic Analyst and International Real Estate Financier with fifteen years of experience in Corporate Finances in South America, and twenty-two years of experience in the Financial and Real Estate Industry in USA.

With Pre-professional studies in economics and post-graduate studies in finance and sales management, Guillermo has great mind for business and is a perfect fit.

Original from Peru, Guillermo had a tremendous impact as Chief Financial Officer with Inchcape PLC, a multimillion-dollar global corporation. Guillermo’s international working experience providing with economic and financial advice to companies such as Inchcape, Ford, John Deere, Toyota, Honda, and Real Estate Brokers and Bankers. Working with Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile, and Costa Rica, makes of him a reliable source about Latin America economies.

Always striving to stay on the edge of his profession, Guillermo has attended many seminars and training courses on various business, tax, financing, and real estate topics. Currently he is an International Real Estate Specialist in Latin American Countries. Locally Guillermo is an opinion leader in the Hispanic community. He is frequently interviewed by national and local Spanish media networks such as Univision, Telemundo, CNN, The Voice of America, among others.

In 2009 he was awarded with the U.S. Congressional Recognition for his works by assisting the U.S. Department of The Treasury – IRS collaborative program. In 2012 he was awarded with the U.S. Senatorial Recognition for his involvement with the Hispanic Community. In 2013 Guillermo served to Las Vegas community as Founder President of the Peruvian Chamber of Commerce, and Advisor to the Colombian Chamber of Commerce. In June 2013 he was appointed as Official Delegate for the State of Nevada Trade Mission to Mexico. In 2014 Guillermo was honored with the “XIX TUMI USA AWARD 2014” as the Professional of the Year in Nevada. In July 2017 he was appointed as Commercial Trade Delegate for the State of Nevada Trade Mission to Panama, Peru and Chile.

Currently Guillermo is CEO of Retis Real Estate LLC, a finance consulting and international business development firm, and a Licensed Real Estate and Lending Professional.

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